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Information Technology

With a combined total of more than 60 years in the healthcare information technology industry, BES staff have the skills and experience to provide services specifically designed for your organization.

Barber Enterprise Solutions - Information Technology Services

IT Assessment:

In consultation with your leadership and staff, Barber Enterprise Solutions can provide a complete review of existing IT assets and recommend a course of action to meet your goals. The operational assessment can include a review of hardware infrastructure, software applications, system documentation, staffing, policies and procedure. BES is also prepared to assist in system evaluation and selection if your organization is considering investing in a new system. A process which includes defining requirements and evaluating vendor responses can ensure the correct solution for your organization.

System Implementation:

BES works exclusively with Qualifacts’ CareLogic system. CareLogic, a SaaS model Electronic Health Record owned and managed by Qualifacts, is a single, integrated solution platform for managing clinical and financial information across the entire organization including data flows automatically occurring between the electronic client records, billing engine, quality improvement, performance reporting, and administrative dashboards. 

BES works collaboratively with clients to achieve the following:

CareLogic System Improvements:

The staff of BES has spent the past two years fine tuning and improving upon the CareLogic system implementation at Barber National Institute. As a result of this, features and functions within the product have been implemented in all service lines.

Major enhancements include:

Contact Barber Enterprise Solutions for assistance in implementing the Qualifacts’ CareLogic system into your organization.

Barber Enterprise Solutions

Barber Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (BES) collaborates with agencies in the fields of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Behavioral Health, and Autism as they strive to provide high quality, cost effective services.

BES will offer extensive experience and a success-oriented strategy to help agencies meet their mission and achieve their goals. See how BES can improve the health of your business.  


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