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Laurie Callaghan

Director of IT Application Systems

Phone: 814.878.4162


Qualification Summary:

Ms. Callaghan is an IT professional with over 28 years of experience in information systems in both the manufacturing and behavioral healthcare industries.  Ms. Callaghan has experience in all aspects of information system software from implementation projects, system configuration and administration and end-user training and support.  Her breadth of knowledge includes finance systems, payroll and timekeeping, clinical applications as well as workplace productivity suites.

Experience Summary:

As Director of IT Application Systems for Barber National Institute, Ms. Callaghan oversees a department that supports the organization’s enterprise and service line information systems needs.   Over the past 17 years, she has led the growth of IT applications and infra-structure at Barber National Institute from 25 personal computers to a network of over 900 workstations in 100+ locations and with more than 1,500 users. 

As an IT professional working at the corporate headquarters of a multi-faceted manufacturing/holding company, Ms. Callaghan assisted corporate departments in using information systems for finance, human resources, legal and clerical functions. She supported 26 business units with the use of a variety of software applications from personal computer productivity tools to project management applications.  

Ms. Callaghan’s past experience also includes teaching introductory personal computing courses at a local training facility open to the general public.

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