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Benefits of Barber Enterprise Solutions Services

Barber Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (BES) is a subsidiary of Barber System Services, Inc, with corporate offices located in Erie, PA. BES offers a variety of services to agencies in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Behavioral Health, and Autism industries primarily funded by Medicaid and Medicare. We assist agencies in improving the health of their business by meeting their challenges.

Our team of experienced professionals collaborates with agencies to improve financial, operational and clinical performance through the effective use of information technology supported by efficient business processes. We provide the kind of practical insights that reflect years of hands-on experience in information technology and in adapting technology to support programs that provide services to this unique population. 

Barber Enterprise Solutions - Trade Show

Some of the benefits achieved include the following:

Mitigate risk associated with outdated and obsolete systems

• Obtain broad operational improvements across programs that impact the ability to bill for services provided

• Provide an EHR including remote access for internal providers

• Improve client satisfaction due to integrated intake, scheduling, and service delivery

Enable compliance with regulatory requirements

• Improve care providers’ satisfaction

• Enable organization-wide operational improvements and efficiencies

• Provide capability designed specifically for the IDD, Autism, and Behavioral Health populations along the addressing state requirements

To learn how you can benefit from Barber Enterprise Solution's services, contact us today!

Barber Enterprise Solutions

Barber Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (BES) collaborates with agencies in the fields of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Behavioral Health, and Autism as they strive to provide high quality, cost effective services.

BES will offer extensive experience and a success-oriented strategy to help agencies meet their mission and achieve their goals. See how BES can improve the health of your business.  


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